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Equip your outlet with the latest tools and technology to provide better customer service to your beloved guests.

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Our POS System is suitable for most f&b Business including:



Food Truck

Beverage Shop



Reinvent your business with the finest all-inclusive POS system

Optimy POS comes with powerful tools specifically designed for F&B business to run smoothly.

Point of sale

designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring ease of use.

Customer Display Screen

Display payment details to customers and highlight outlet videos and promotions, captivating their attention.

Waiter App

Enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your waiters with our dedicated waiter app, enabling them to take orders swiftly and precisely.


Experience the capabilities of our powerful inventory management system, equipped with a robust pricebook and comprehensive stock level data.

Table Layout

User friendly table layout management allows your to manage your restaurant according to your floorplan

Staff Management

Effortlessly monitor staff attendance, clock-ins, clock-outs, and efficiently manage their user access privileges.


Effortlessly handle promotions, discounts, and combos using our robust module designed specifically for managing these aspects.

Multiple Payment Method

Empower your payment system with e-wallet and QR payment capabilities, bill splitting, bill merging, and a wide range of other payment functionalities.

Multiple Branch

Effortlessly handle multiple branches by utilizing effective monitoring tools and regulating user access based on specific roles.

Detailed Report

Retrieve reporting data instantly and effortlessly, eliminating the need for tedious hours spent on report preparation.

Live Analytics

Access your outlet data, performance, and reports from any location, at any time, enabling you to make prompt and well-informed decisions.


Even in the event of device theft or network connection downtime, your data remains secure.


Tablet POS / Web View

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